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Yay! Finally an Adult Ballet class in the middle of nowhere!

Guest Aria

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Hi everyone - I joined the board quite a while back and disappeared for a while (mostly because its rather depressing to frequent a ballet board when one can't find a class in your area) but I'm so excited because there is finally going to be an adult ballet class in my area!!! (And on top of that, I had already recently found out that depending on how much I actually remember after my long hiatus from ballet, that another local dance school would allow me to be in some of their regular classes since I have experience and am not technically a beginner - so I'm thinking after maybe a couple of months in the adult class (which I'm sure is going to be very beginner) if it is too beginner for me, then I'd be ready to show them what I can still do... (I was never very flexible even when I was taking ballet as a child, so I'm not positive I'll ever be good enough to fit into a regular ballet class anymore - just because my arabesques and such are so pitiful because of my not being flexible...)


But I'm just so excited and happy to be back in ballet! (Though why the local dance store has to be limited to boring black leotards if you want one you can wear a bra with I don't know - why the new trend for every leotard to have cut out backs of various sorts? Apparently none of the local schools must have much of a dress code - that or they're ordering them all online, because there was no basic leotards in the various colors...)


Aria :D

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That's great. I find that even taking a class that may be below your skill or knowledge level, you can always benefit from working on fine tuning your tuning. Especially, if you find the combinations easy to pick up on, you can totally focus on challenging yourself with improving your technique or artistry. I never wake up the next day without feeling sore - otherwise, I would know I didn't work hard enough.


I have the same problem in finding leotards at the local store. Discountdance.com has a large collection of suitable leotards that are appropriate for the adult. You can find a number of them that are not cut super low in the back or plunge down in the front. I wear Mirella's quite often.


Good luck!

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