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March celebrations


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Well, yesterday was St David's Day, so "Bore da" to all the Welsh BT4D members. Here's our place to celebrate, brag about (oh yes, that's allowed :) ), and generally enjoy the little and the big achievements in our dancing lives.

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My little celebration? I've been working very hard on my alignment/posture/placement and tonight I got confirmation that my hard work is paying off and that I've progressed nicely in that area. B)


On to the next correction on the endless list... :thumbsup:

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Last night I visited my ortho/podo for a follow-up x-ray, and while I am still healing (fractured 5th metatarsal), I have been given the official okay to return to ballet class and also . . . to carefully relevé!

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I posted a while ago that I was able to go back to dance... but I wasn't. However, today I did. Only barre, very limited (I'm purposely working with slightly less turnout, and I've just about lost all my flexibility, strength, and stamina). The physio approves of this, and it actually really helped to losen up some stiffness in my ankle. I'm still frustrated by this whole process (not including a handful of classes, it's been since last June since I've been dancing frequently).... but it felt good to be 'back'.


Also... last night I finally saw NYCB as a company (not a smaller group of travelling dancers...). I've been wanting to see them live since I was about 10! Fabulous...!

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Double celebration!:


1. Last night I did an entire class for the first time since my 5th metatarsal break in December - including the JUMPS! Okay, I didn't have the strength to get more than a quarter inch off the floor, but it didn't hurt my foot!


2. My teacher made it clear to me last night that I should go to the front row all the time (in my lowest level class) for center-work. That's like a promotion at my school!

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Have you posted any reviews of NYCB? Which ballets did they perform? I'm curious to hear what you thought of them.


I'm living on the left coast right now, and REALLY miss my 4th ring membership at NYCB. I used to see them at least twice a week...

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I haven't written any proper reviews as I usually do - too much work-related writing to get through. But, my thoughts are posted on Ballet Talk on the following thread:


NYCB in London


Overall, I really really enjoyed them. I was particularly impressed by Wendy Whelan in Agon. I've seen her live before in... Liturgy with Jock Soto, and have always liked her. But she was absolutely amazing in Agon - very much the ballerina, and embodying the idea of 'seeing' the music. Spectacular. I'm going back for the matinee on Saturday. I'm trying to figure out if I can at least see part of the evening performance as well, but I'm unsure. It's expensive... and I don't live in London, unfortunately.


I have to say, I hate the Coliseum for dance. Sitting in the last row in the entire theatre still costs around £30-£35, and has HORRIBLE sightlines. It's a great pity, because it's not a huge theatre, yet it hasn't been completely filled I think, and I think that is, in great part, a cost issue.


Since that all is a bit off topic... my latest mini-champers moment is that the ballet barre seems to have helped loosen up my ankle some more... am still taking it slow and am under watchful eyes, so alternating between just doing barre and some cardio and pilates at the gym.... back to the barre Thurs morning, and hopefully doing part of centre shortly after Easter.... Slow and steady....

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I got invited to dance with the Company again. We are doing choreo from Broadway and I will be wearing a Kilt in Brigadoon.


I'm part Scottish, so no Kilt jokes :blushing:

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March is my Birthday month and has gone very well this year..

Classes have been fun and challenging and I got to go to a Ballet performance by the little and pre-pro students at one of my schools on the night of my birthday too. My husband tolerated it all pretty well for him. He can be a cranky date when he wants to be. At least he didn't bring a book this time.

I hit the gift shop table and finally got a school T-Shirt, Water Bottle, and tote bag. I guess I will hae to do something similar for the other school I go to.

I ran into my teacher and told him I was 29 for the day. I think he liked that. I am really 47 now but 29 for the day is a family tradition with me and my sisters in law.

Happy Easter to those who celebrate. Don't eat too much candy today.



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I didn't get to go to class that much this month, thanks to bronchitis!!


But I did have a ballet related celebration. I'm in college to be a teacher (Dutch and history) and we had to teach a mini-class on something practical for pedagogy, a technique of method of some sort. So I taught ballet. I actually managed to get a class of 30 college students to do a pirouette, on the right leg, in the right direction with the proper préparation (fifth, tendu to second, plié in fourth), they even used their arms in a somewhat decent way. They all did well AND enjoyed it, especially the guys. One student commented: "ballet really is beautiful, isn't it, it's so elegant".

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Marjolein, that's brilliant! You sound a lot better and full of energy -- it must have taken quite a lot of sheer charisma as a teacher to get a class of 30 university students doing a pirouette!

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I am so impressed. You must be a good teacher if you can get a pirouette out of non dancers in one mini lesson.



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It was actually a lot of fun teaching them. I broke the pirouette into tiny pieces. Everyone in fifth (more of a third really), bras bas. Check whether everyone is in the right position. Tendu to second, arms in second. Check. Then to fourth in plié, arms in preporatory position. Check. Then up into retiré without turning but already moving the arms to first. Then practicing that several times. Then demonstrating the turn, have them try, paying lots of attention to the right leg and right direction. In the end they did 4 pirouettes to slow music. I did it together with them, saying loudly 5, 6, 7, 8, to the side, to the back and TURN, rest, to the side, to the back and TURN!!!! All of that in 15 minutes. I had a blast!! One of my friends commented she had never seen me as happy as that day. I really missed my calling, I SHOULD have been a dancer or ballet teacher. Oh well...

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Well, I went back to class tonight - 2 months from being out for breaking the 5th metatarsal - and you know what? I didn't do half bad!

I was horribly sloppy - which is understandable - but I am giddy and so excited to get my strength back!

SO I am celebrating my return!!


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One of my friends commented she had never seen me as happy as that day. I really missed my calling, I SHOULD have been a dancer or ballet teacher. Oh well...


But you ARE training to be a teacher! Teaching is teaching is teaching, and it is a special combination of skills, personality, and abilities, whatever the content.


I think the people who quote "Those who can, do; those who can't, teach" have never taught in their lives ...

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