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Ballet Schools in Japan - Tokyo or Kyoto


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Hi, all,


Does anyone know of a school in Tokyo or Kyoto where I can take single classes. I'm going to Japan for a week and the thought of missing class for that amount of time seems depressing. I can't seem to find anything on Google.

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Having lived in Japan for 3 years, I would encourage you to enjoy a week break from dance and fully explore Tokyo and Kyoto, and experience this country's rich culture. There is so very much to see and do in these two cities, a week will only give you enough time to scratch the surface. Have a great trip!

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Having traveled to Japan now for 6 years, I agree with Don Ho! Just take the week off. There is so much to see in both Tokyo and Kyoto (my favorite) there will not be enough time. You also must consider jetlag as you will lose a day for sure!


Enjoy Japan. It is an amazing country with an amazing culture. B)

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Thanks for the advice. I probably will just take the week off. I did find a school in Kyoto but they said the cost for a single is 5000 yen - or about $50 in American currency! I'm really looking forward to all the wonderful sights though and I'm sure it will be enough to keep me busy and entertained.

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Does anyone know of a serious dance/ballet school in the Yokohama/Yokosuka area that would take in a high school aged American? We are looking at a possible transfer there in the next year. It looks like there are some rec-level classes on or near the base that are taught in English (ideal)... I just wonder what would be available to a 15 year old American with rudimentary Japanese. Help!?

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I have quite a few friends who teach professional level ballet in Japan. I will ask them.

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