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Does anyone have any information or experience with the BFA Dance program at Elon University?


We will be visiting this school at the end of the month and would love to hear some feedback other than what is on their website. Thanks.

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Hi worldtraveler-

My daughter and I visited Elon a week ago and I have a few observations for you regarding ballet only:


The performing Arts facilities are not on the "tour". We went over to the building ourselves and a very wecoming and enthusiastic stagecraft fellow gave us an impromptu peek around. The theater was very nice and there was a flyer advertising the recent visit of a ballet company.


We observed about 45 minutes of an all male ballet class given by Cherie Bower. There were about 12 boys of varying levels/abilities. Although there were no boys that my daughter would label high int/advanced, she was happy to see that they all seemed to be trying really hard and taking it seriously. Our guess was that they were more theater students.... but we did not speak to them.


Elon has 4 levels of ballet, the studios are "adequate", Ms. Bower is very welcoming, and campus is beautiful.


Although my daughter was not able to observe the advanced ballet class (only meets twice a week) she was not impressed with what she did see. Her main negative observation was that there were several steps/combos/corrections in the ballet class that she personally had never seen/heard of... She dances year round at a company-affiliated pre-pro school.


I hope I am offending anybody-- I just want to be as candid as possible. Elon is not "a fit" for my daughter but the kids there seemed friendly, happy, and engaged. Good luck in your visit!

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Flygirl, my DD's assessment of Elon's program was very similiar to that of your daughter's. For those who may be considering Elon for dance, even as a minor, I strongly urge you to take a class to determine if this school's program is a good fit for you. Also, please note that while performing arts scholarships are promoted, there are no scholarships offered for dance.

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Thank you FLYGIRL and DON HO. This is very helpful information. We are planning to observe a class and meet with Ms Kearnes (the director of the program) so I will post our observations.

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I've never seen any dancers from there, but I know that they do have the same jazz teacher that we have at Duke, Nina Wheeler, and she's FABULOUS. But that's all I know about the program!

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My daughter and I visited Elon and watched a level 3 (which ALL freshman must join) ballet class. The class was barely an hour and ten minutes with a short barre, stretching on their own and adagio for center. We were very dissappointed since we are searching for a stronger ballet program. The rest of the dance department seems strong so if you're interested in anything other than ballet then you will want to look at Elon. The campus is beautiful!



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Does anyone have any updates on ballet at Elon? Has the program improved any since 2008 as far as number and difficulty of ballet classes?

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We visited the other day. Loved the school, dance department was very welcoming...unfortunately my 15 year old (almost 16) son was probably on par with or higher than the highest level 6 (we watched level 4 final exam) It was a disappointment as everything else was wonderful. For frame of reference he dances at a pre-pro school and would be considered ready for company auditions in 2 years.

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