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The re-organization of this forum is complete. It should help everyone find information much easier. We hope you'll help champion keeping the library in order by using the keywords below in your titles so they will sort automatically. The moderators will take up the slack when you forget. Be sure to take some time and really look now at what is here. You'll be amazed! Remember, if you choose to purchase something recommended here from Amazon, use the banner link above so that we get a few credits for your purchase.

These are the Keywords we've used with : behind them. The page numbers listed are only estimates and will change as new posts are added. But it's a good start to help you find what you need. Also if you use the search engine and put in these keywords with the colon, you'll get right to them also.

Ballets: followed by your post title, pg. 1-2
Books: followed by your post title, Pgs. 2-10
Documentaries: followed by your post title Pg 10
DVD/Videos: followed by your post title, Pgs. 10-15
Magazines: followed by your post title, Pgs 15-17
Movies: followed by your post title, pgs. 17-18
Music: followed by your post title, Pgs. 18-21
Musicals: followed by your post title, pg. 21
Newspaper Articles: followed by your title pg. 21
Online Videos: followed by your post title, Pgs. 22-23
Photos: followed by your post title, pg. 23
Quotes: followed by your post title, pg. 23-24
Reviews: followed by your post title pg. 24
Television: followed by your post title pgs. 24-25
The Critics: followed by your post title pgs. 25-26

*estimated page numbers as of 6/24/10

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Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this, but I wasn't sure where to put it. There is a sticky above which is titled how to find posts (including new posts) or something like that, but the link inside is out of date. I would very much like to know how to find new posts in this forum, as since the rearrangement, all the new posts are buried in the various pages. What is the trick to view new posts?

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Go up to the top of this page and click the forum title in this case Ballet Books, etc (or click the Forum title on the Main page), then scroll down to the bottom right hand side of the page. I believe you'll see several choice boxes that you can use to sort on the day you're looking, A-Z, Z-A, Last so many days, etc. I changed Topic Title to Last Post and got a listing like you're talking about. I believe everyone can do that and not just moderators but am not really sure.


You can also just use View New Posts when you visit us anyway and all new posts on every forum since your last visit will be listed for you. It's at the top of the page here also.

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Bump! Don't forget to help us when you open a new topic in this forum. Use the buzz words above so that the topics will automatically alphabetize by their subject matter. I've just gone through 30 pages and re-titled some, moved some, and deleted some that had no responses. Consider this thread a library, and you, the librarian.

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