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Random idea...


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Just had a random idea, whilst sat watching TV... (stretching at the same time, of course :wink: !!!)

Would it be possible for the site to have a sort of monthly competition? There wouldn't need to be prizes, but it might be interesting I thought... :blushing:

You could have a theme each month (ballet drawing, ballet poem, ballet cartoon strip, that sort of thing) and people could post them somehow (I don't know where though :shrug: ) and either the moderators could judge them, or we could have a vote amongst members (possibly anonymous, if people would prefer that).

I don't know where the idea came from, I just thought it might be kind of interesting, and a way to create a even more involvement than there is already! Who knows, we might spot some unusual talent! :D

It was just an idea, anyway. I think I may have got it from "balletwocky" in cross talk, now I think about it B)

Great Poem :thumbsup::wink:

Like I said, just an idea... sorry if it's in the wrong place and/or it can't happen!!! :thumbsup:

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Heyy! Wow that is a really great idea! It would be so cool to see peoples creative sides. If it could work I think we should definitely do it!

~Lexie B)

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AAaaaghhhh! Competition! AAAARRRGGGHHH! :thumbsup: Says the Administrator who loathes competitions - they're bad for your soul!


For the meantime, Green Jelly Bean, consider yourself awarded a gold star on the top of your paper! B)

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Hahaha sorry you always make me laugh!!!

Okay, okay, I just thought randomly!!! No competition!!!

But maybe we could have somewhere for people to post things like I mentioned to get opinions (as long as they're balletic)?? B)

I just thought it might be fun for people to have a go at showing their love for dance in different ways, and it would be interesting for members to have a look at whilst waiting for replies to posts, that sort of thing? :D

Just wondering....

But no competition then- I like my soul clean :thumbsup:

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Cross Talk would be a good place. It used to be called "Anything Goes" back in the Ballet Alert! days, and I suppose that would be a good place, as long as it remains about ballet. For long works might I suggest fanfiction.net as an appropriate venue? (Notice, I didn't say "absolutely not" to the idea of a random star or so handed out for spontaneous wit, as was the poem before us!)

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If it is drawings or pictures, though, they would have to be on a website you could put in as a link that we can go to in order to see them.

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