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How To Make a Good Impression


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I finally got the courage to leave my old dance school and have moved to one that offers more classes and better tuition at my level. I did an audition and they have decided to move me up one or two grades for ballet (don't worry, they aren't rushing me at all) :blink: Very pleased B) But . . . how do I make a good impression now I'm there. I want to come across as confident and hardworking. Any tips on how to do this ? Thanks in advance :(

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What impresses is a dancer who is willing and eager to learn, as well as hard working and focused, and of course a positive attitude. It is not something you acquire, it is just something you are. You must worry much more about your own technique and progress and much less about impressing people. That is not the point of what you are there for. If you are worry about impressing someone, you are not focused on what you need to do in that class or that rehearsal.

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BE confident and hardworking in the first place, and the chances of your conveying that impression expand exponentially! :wink:

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Thank you :dizzy: I will try to worry less about impressing people and more about technique, and also to BE confident and hardworking :D

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