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Hi! Okay, I was just wondering is anyone had ever been to Regional Dance America. (RDA) I am going this year to the North East Festival. I was just wondering if it was a good experience. (Classes, teachers, performances, ect.) :lol:

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The Regional Festivals of RDA are a very valid and good experience. :lol:

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Northeast looks particularly good this year, with lots of opportunities for networking with people you'll know probably until the end of your dancing life, and beyond. Teachers look really good, too!

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I attended the southeast festival two years ago and attended the regional festival last year. Both times were really wonderful....the classes are challenging and the teachers are all very helpful and good. The nights are also fun, though the elevators can get REALLY crowded after events. If you have the opportunity to go, you definitely should! It's worth the money.

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Yeah, all my friends went to it last year too. They said that there were a lot of really odd pieces. But I guess the classes were really good. :yucky:

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Last year it was the National Festival, meaning that all of the Regional Festival companies were together for one HUGE festival. That only happens every 5 (?) years or so. Not sure exactly. This year the Regional Festivals will take place.

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I think it happens every 10 years because I know I won't be at my studio for the next one. Last year it was the 50th I think. (year) Yeah, my studio did a modern piece.

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i went two years ago (because last year was the national one and i didnt go) and i am going again this year for i think the south west- whichever is Texas! and we are closing gala night! i am so excited!

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They must have had adjudication if they already know they are performing and when. :)

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Yeah. Tehe~ We just ran through what we are doing today. Jeffery Gribler is our aujudicator. (Ballet Master, Pennsylivania Ballet) I heard he was nice and fun. (Lets hope! :clapping: )

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It may interest some of you to know that I first met Mr. Gribler at a Northeast Regional Ballet Festival, as it was then called, in, believe it or not, Poughkeepsie, NY, while he was a member of the Dayton Civic Ballet.

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He was always a nice boy, and stayed a nice man. Very polite. He might be rigorous, but he won't be nasty!

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