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miss ashley

I haven't gone yet but i'm going this year! northeast also! i am very excited. :D what do we do at rda festivals?

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Victoria Leigh

Check back to near the end of page 2 on this thread, miss ashley. :D

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Tamara Watts

How do you get into preforming at the RDF? Do you have to be a great dancer with lots of experience, or what? I'm kinda interested,now!!!

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To participate in RDA do you have to go with a company or can you go solo?

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Mel Johnson

You have to be "with" a member company of one of the RDA Regions in order to attend the classes. Theoretically, this usually means that you have to be a member of that company, but I have seen individuals over the years attend because they had formed some kind of arrangement with a member company. As almost all advance information about festivals is disseminated through the member companies, it's logistically difficult to set up such arrangements. Anybody, however, can go and watch.

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I went to RDA Southwest Festival in Richardson last year. It was so much fun! One of the best times of my life. The instrustors were amazing, performances were great, and of course I had so much fun staying at a hotel with all my friends. There was a dance party the first night! -a highlight of the trip! I would highly recommend it.

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