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splits and knee pain


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My dd for the last few weeks has been having trouble with her left split. When she is down in it her right knee (the one behind) is somehow being pressured, or in the wrong place or something. She said it doesn't hurt while she is down in the split but once she comes up from it. She said it feels ok to straighten her leg but hurts when she bends it. It doesnt appear to be bruised or swollen. Any suggestions?


I told her to just turn her back leg out so the knee isn't down but because she is so flexible and has alot of turnout she end up doing a center split. Hope that makes sense.


Is she doing this incorrectly? She has been doing flexibility exercises for years and had no issues but in the last few weeks her left split has caused her to complain. And by complain I mean mention it to me - she is not one to even bring anything up unless it really hurts.


Thank you.

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The rule is, if it hurts, don't do it! There are any number of things that could be wrong, including a growth spurt, which often affects the knees, or something she is doing wrong, or even a minor injury that is so far only showing up at that time. Since we can't see her, the teacher would need to determine the correct form on her splits, but it's really best to just not do them for a little while and see if that pain happens at any other time. If it doesn't, then check for what she might be doing wrong, and in the meantime, do reassure her that "doing splits" is really not very important. They are simply a stretch for flexibility, and whether one can "do" them or not is not the point.


If she has any knee pain doing anything else at all, then an Orthopedic doctor is needed. Try to find one with experience with dancers.

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Took dd to the ortho this morning. He wasn't alarmed but ordered an MRI for tomorrow - we get the results Friday. He thinks it might be a discoid meniscus. xrays all looked great.


I would like to ask Ms. Leigh and momof3 to recommend a ortho in the Atlanta area that treats dancers. Ours is sports med but I have a feeling I'm goign to be wanting/needing a 2nd opinion based on the results.


Only 5 weeks til YAGP. Maybe next year............


Thank you.

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I would suggest calling the Atlanta Ballet and asking for their orthopedic physician. I have one here in Johns Creek, but he is not experienced with dancers specifically.

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Diagnosis is a bone contusion (bone bruise) of the femur (medial femoral condyle). The Dr. said no surgery necessary and that time will heal it. Because she is young it should be within a matter of weeks (6 or less). We are thrilled to hear that it is not ligaments, tendons, cartilage and also no surgery.


The only cause we can figure out is grinding her leg in the ground for the split. No other traumatic event that she recalls at all.


No more splits for her! She has such a high pain tolerance that not much phases her which is why I guess this happened.

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