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We have a week to decide...

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I do understand your pupose, but obviously there is no Canadian dancers members of BBII !!!!!

If you tought that it will be like an automatic process for your DD....the answer is no.


It is not easy for a Canadian dancer, even if the dancer had traine in the USA a couple of year to work in the USA....green card !!!! not easy to get for someone who have no experience of work !!!! never forget that !


Canada is more open, and there are more USA dancer in Canada compagny than the opposite !

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DD is a RWBS grad and did the 2 yr Aspirant program...with our experience there, I know of only 2 that went into the program at this age.and they were put into a lower level than their peer/age group..there are "new" dancers who attend the Aspirant Program, but these dancers are usually grads of a pre-pro program already.

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, ladymon.


Of course there is no one clear answer to your (and your dd's) dilemma, but there is a great deal of information here on the boards -we hope that you'll take some time to look around!


In terms of summer programs, I guess one thing to keep in mind its that in most instances the company and the school operate separately, even though they may even be located in the same building. Therefore, company directors and staff wouldn't be involved in decisions regarding candidates for a summer intensive program. I'm sure there are always exceptions to this - but to my way of thinking, it's easier to assume NO connection rather than to make some decisions based on assuming the other way and be disappointed when it's too late to change directions. I am not referring to any program in particular - this is just a general observation.


Other observations: I think avril has a point about the green card issue for Canadian dancers hoping to work in the US. Something to keep in mind. In my family's case, we are lucky that the kids are dual citizens so it's not something we have had to worry about - but it has been problematic for some of my kids' dance friends.


Anything else I could say would probably go too far into the "comparison" realm, which we don't want to do here.


If you had specific questions about the programs, please go to the threads for those schools. There is a LOT of information about Boston - perhaps not so much on the other two schools mentioned, but I'm sure people would be happy to answer specific questions.


All the best,



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Speaking from experience after Canadian DS trained in the US and attended Boston SI for two summers.


Unless your daughter is a US citizen, the chances of being accepted into BBII are very slim to none for a Canadian. ( due to green card issue as mentioned.) The training and the SI experience were both excellent, but do not go there thinking that the SI is an eventual way into the company for your DD.


But gee, getting into any company is extremely difficult and the journey is not for the feint of heart. :D

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Thank you everyone for your insight. This certainly ISN'T for the feint of heart but there's a wee bit of a thrill to it all. Dare-to-dream and all that stuff!


We'll see how it all goes.

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Boston Ballet is a huge summer program, with 350 dancers. Levels are not by age, and there are a wide range of ability and prior training. I think that the SI should be looked at as 5 weeks of solid training and nothing more. There will be auditions for the year-round program, which has expanded of late.

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ladymon, you have received some good advice on this thread regarding the kind of things you need to consider when making this choice. But, since the posts are veering off into discussions of specific programs that are already available on threads dedicated to those programs, I'm going to close this thread.


If you have further questions about the programs under consideration, please post them directly on the thread for the given program. Also, just a reminder that direct comparisons are not allowed and this particular discussion was walking a very fine line in this regard. So, please be sure to pose your questions about one program or the other and then make decisions by doing your own comparisons.

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