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favorite choreographers


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Hello gentlemen,


Who are some of your favorite choreographers? Obviously mine is Fatima Robinson. I'm sure you're all familiar with her work.


Some of the choreography on So You Think You Can Dance is great. I really wonder if the dancers choreograph everything themselves?

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I'm a fan of Balanchine, Tharp, Ashton, and Forsythe.

I haven't watched much of the show, but I imagine the solos are choreographed by the dancers' teachers but tailored to fit the individual dancers strengths.

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Hello, dancingraces, and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers. Why don't you tell us a little bit more about yourself on the "Welcome" forum?


I don't see how it's "obvious" that your favorite choreographer is Fatima Robinson, unless of course you ARE..., but then, we don't know that.


Another thing that you should know is that The Men's Forum is limited to posts and threads from male dancers, students or professionals, only. So if you're female, it's like walking into the Men's Locker Room. It's not just someplace for anyone to go to ask the men and boys what they think about subject x. That can be done on Cross Talk with the title of the thread indicating that male input is specifically desired.


I'm going to close this thread temporarily until you've introduced yourself to the board via the "Welcome" forum. It can reopen.

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