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Encore High School is Southern California's newest high school for the performing arts. Opening August 8th in Victorville, in the High Desert area north of San Bernardino, Encore is now accepting applications for it's first class, with a projected enrollment this Fall of 700-800. As Encore is a fully accredited California Charter School, a full range of subjects will be taught, but in addition there will be three full time dance faculty (including yours truly) and part time instructors, as well as full theater and music faculty. For dancers, there will be an advanced performance group, as well as semi-annual recitals for the up and comers. The focus of Encore is theatrical and concert dance, and preparing dancers for professional careers.


More info at the Encore High School website.

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Great to know about a new Arts High School, HB. Thank you for that information, and we wish you the best of luck with it. :yes:

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Thanks Victoria Leigh- besides the fact that it's full time, with full benefits including 401 K and pension (how often do dancers and choreographers get that?), and it's only an hour and a half from Hollywood, the mission of the school is inspiring. It's not a wealthy area, but it's the fastest growing area in California, and I think the people behind Encore have tremendous vision and dedication. The California state board of ed folks who approve charter schools apparently said the charter proposal for Encore was the best they had ever seen, and will be used as a model for future charter proposals.


We need more performing arts high schools in this country...

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