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Please take a moment with me to mourn the closing of a local dance shop. Well, I am calling 25 miles away local for the moment.

It was one of two available within nearly 100 miles and kept different stock than the other.

I know it is cheaper and convenient to shop online and I do it, but having a place to go for a fitting or if one needs something fast is important. I know I will visit the remaining store whenever I can. They don't actually carry my size in much of anything but I did manage to get some elastic and ribbons there last week and they will order things.

I knew the owner of the now closed store enough to have some nice conversations while in there. I knew she was trying to sell and had a possible buyer from my town at one point. Apparently that didn't work out. It is too bad. I'd have gone to try and get a job at a dance store in my own area.

I heard her stock went to the other store when I got to class and mentioned it.

So sad.




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