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has anyone been to the yumiko store in new york?? does it have more of a selection than the website?? i was just wondering because i'm going to new york next weekend and i really wanted to go here.

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Yea, I love Yumi leos but the store didn't have the best selection. From what was the left the day I was there were a lot of L and XL's. If you are looking for the individuality in the leos its best to customize them yourself!

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I visited the Yumiko store and was quite pleased. They do not have every leotard that can be made as a special order in stock, but they had quite a few. What I liked was the ability to see the fabrics, the colors, and to discover my correct size. I ended up buying three leotards in size small, in very different colors and styles than I would have with an on line order.


If you are in New York and have the time, I would say that it is worth a trip to the store. You can always try on a leotard in black and then special order it in a different selection of fabrics....but at least you will know that it does fit and how it looks on you.



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there is another website that i use to customize my leotards! it is www.lolastretch.com if you get the leotard "RIBellious" all of the money you pay for that leotard goes to a lung cancer foundation!

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