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Offers: Summer offers from company aud.


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I recently attended the Texas Ballet Theater open audition in Fort Worth, TX. It was my first company audition (as opposed to summer program auditions), and I had no idea what to expect (I will post my audition experience in the 2008 auditions thread, since it's not really related to this topic). Although I wasn't one of the handful whose numbers were announced afterwards for potential contracts, a week or so later I received a letter offering me a full tuition scholarship to their summer program. I know that none of you can possibly know the exact intentions of the TBT faculty on this matter, but do you think this offer indicates interest in me as a potential future company member?


I have other plans already set for this summer, but this has made me wonder if I should maybe keep considering TBT and re-audition for the company next year.


Since I'm not really all that familiar with company auditions, I wasn't sure if it was a common practice for them to give summer program scholarships through company auditions. Any thoughts or similar experiences would be appreciated!

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Sometimes the company will be interested in dancers but feel that they are not yet company ready. If that is the case, they will recommend the SI, and, if there is a scholarship involved, that would mean they are more interested. So, yes, if you do not attend their SI, and you are still auditioning for a job next year at this time, I would say definitely try again!

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Generally yes they are interested, although my DD was offered a full scholarship the summer after high school graduation to a company for which DD's height exceeds the posted requirements, so she did not take them up on it. She has auditioned for them since without success and contacts there have acknowledged that yes, she is too tall..

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