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Having Only One Instructor


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I'm becoming increasingly concerned b/c when a student at our school graduates to the pre-professional classes, they are no longer allowed to take ballet/pointe with anyone but the director. When we have done private lessons with other teachers, it's wonderful because they point out things that were never mentioned in class etc.


I am worried that our director's jealousy over the upper level students is detrimental to their development. We are considering switching to another studio nearby that has excellent training, but I've heard that the director there also dominates the upper level students.


It seems that the directors want all the credit for training the students, and loathe to share affections with other teachers that are as good. I'm a little frustrated and not sure what to do about this.


Any advice would be so appreciated.

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no advice, just my own observations... the same thing happens somewhat where we are, but my reaction is somewhat the reverse of yours...


Only upper level students, apprentices, and company members take any classes from the AD. But my unexpert perception is that she is the best teacher, both in terms of her own body of skill and knowledge, AND more importantly, her ability to teach it and pass it on...


I wish my DD had had the opportunity to learn from her long before she reached the upper levels.


I think about half her classes are with the AD, and the other half with a couple of the other instructors.

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Yes, I would agree that our director is the best teacher. But the other instructors are also very good and are good at different corrections, noticing and helping with different technical details. They are just never given a chance to help these students. I just think having one teacher for ballet and pointe cannot be beneficial for a 14 - 18 year old. I know that my daughter received so much benefit from having a variety of teachers at WSB this summer.



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DS is in a similar situation, though he loves his teacher. This is where the value of SI's really pays off, because the students have the opportunity to be exposed to a variety of different teachers. Often, at least in my son's case, they are able to pick up on problems that the primary instructor has either overlooked, been ineffective in changing, etc. I think there are pros and cons for each method - one teacher and a variety.

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