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March Wine Couch

je danse dans ma tete

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So where's the w(h)ine couch this month? We're already 10 days into the month!!!


Well here's the first one for you, compliments of moi:


In last night's class I was doing really well but had forgotton my tights and thus, had to wear my yoga pants (normally just a pre-class warm-up) over top of my leo. During our last enchainement, after a series of supposedly "beautiful" grand allegro sequences, my foot caught in my pant leg during grand pas de chat and I went down, HARD with a big loud noise that stunned everyone. I didn't hurt myself but boy was I embarrased... and I made all the girls behind me have to stop to avoid crashing into me! :o


Edited to add: I just realize that Striving for grace posted a march whine on the feb. board and it went unacknowledged because the post was closed, so I just wanted to say to Grace: hang in there! Stay positive, take measures to heal from your injuries, and try not to be so hard on yourself, none of us are physically perfect! :thumbsup:

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All I have to mention here is my analysis of a reasonably new activity for me.


Pilates hurts!


Oh my poor neglected upper body; especially the shoulder that must not have healed so well after surgery last year. I will be asking the ortho about that next appt.


Doing all those planks is not fun; even from the beginner knees down stance.


I could do the lunges and a few other things allright but push ups is something I have never...ever been able to do correctly.


Are any of you all much good with the upper body stuff??/



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je danse dans ma tete,

LOL! I wear yoga pants to ballet all the time (over tights) . I did the same thing the other day in class during petit allegro. My knee is all bruised and scraped up. Second time I've fallen in class from my foot getting caught in pants.


Lashwen, I used to do a floor barre which made my arms and shoulders quite strong. But I haven't done that for a couple of years and my arms are back to their wimpy selves. I took a yoga class the other week and my shoulders hurt for days.


My whine is that I was pick-pocketed on the bus on the way to work. Took my wallet with EVERYTHING in it. Not ballet related so much...but I discovered it on my way to rehearsal at the end of my work day. Made me a half hour late for rehearsal. Not that that was the worst of it...took the whole day off from work to take care of the paperwork and stuff. grrr.....

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(I am hoping this post is still within the appropriate range of topics. If considered inappropriate, please remove it, mods!)


I went to the gym today for my cardio workout and the health department students were out to offer free body composition assessments for two hours. So, after 2.5 years of ballet training I got my first body composition assessment. Guess what, I have a typical female athlete's profile (sprinter or rower). I was so proud of myself for the whole afternoon!


Eun Hee

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My physio suspects I may have a labral tear in my hip... :ermm: Now I have to get a referal for an MRI, I cant even get in to see a regular physician for 2 weeks! So I should be able to get an Xray in a month if Im lucky, MRI would probably be a few months after that (if lucky). Gotta loooove canadian wait times!

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That is terrible! That is an unacceptable wait time for an injury! When you're injured, I feel you need to find out right away and take steps toward recovery right away! What a blow! Ugh!

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Can you drive/bus/walk across the border? A US clinic should take you in an hour or two. Canadian Hospitals and Clinics can refer patients to the States when they are overbooked.


No one in pain should have to wait for treatment, it is inhumane! :)

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Im pretty far from the border here... at least 4 hours south, then another hour to the nearest town I believe. Of course, if I was back home Id be a 45min ferry ride away :shrug: ! I am going home for May long weekend, maybe I can hop over then if worst comes to worst.. But maybe nothing would be open on the weekends??

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Instant Care medical facilities are open in my town on Saturdays, and I am in a smallish College town.



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Sashinka, please make sure you know BC's rules for obtaining care outside of the province before you get any, or you may be stuck paying the bill out of your own pocket.


I know that, in Ontario, you need pre-approval from the Ministry of Health in order to be reimbursed for out-of-country health care, and it's not always easy to get pre-approval: the standard here is that "it is necessary that the insured person travel out of Canada to avoid a delay that would result in death or medically significant irreversible tissue damage." (There's actually a case currently being decided by Ontario's Court of Appeal that challenges the constitutionality of that regulation, but that's neither here nor there for Sashinka...)


So, ask your physician directly about wait times, out-of-country care, whether you can put your name on any sort of "cancellation list" to be seen faster, etc. In the mean time, I hope you're feeling ok and that the injury hasn't got you down too, too much.

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Laschwen, Sorry, what is "instant care"? Is it like drop-in clinics?


gav, thanks for the warning, I had already automatically assumed that if I went south, id have to pay out of pocket. I'd guess that BC med would have similar rules to Ontario, and would definately not be keen to reimburse for things like this, or everyone would run to the border to avoid the wait lists.

But you have got me thinking that I should double check if I can even get on a waitlist in my current province since Im not on their med plan...Ack! Another thing to freak out over :grinning:.


Well, I have a regular doc appointment for the 28th, guess Ill find out then. Until that time, my physio will try and keep me moving (in a fashion)... On a related note, I think I need to marry a chiropractor... :shrug:

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Laschwen, Sorry, what is "instant care"? Is it like drop-in clinics?


Well, I have a regular doc appointment for the 28th, guess Ill find out then. Until that time, my physio will try and keep me moving (in a fashion)... On a related note, I think I need to marry a chiropractor... :grinning:



Yes Sashinka, Instant care is for drop in care when you have a non-emergency problem after regular hours. They are open during regular office hours too; I suppose for when you can't get a same day appt. with your regular MD. They sent me on to the hospital when I got my finger tip cut in the hedge trimmer (sorry for the image there) because they don't do that level of care. I was thankful when the hospital sent me on to the plastic surgeon. I did get an X-Ray once when I broke my toe but the MD told me I had to see my Ortho anyway before I put weight on it.

Instant can be a bit of an exaggeration too.


Marrying a Chiropractor was on my mind in my early 20's after a couple of car wrecks. :shrug: It didn't happen. I married a guy who was afraid to let me massage his neck because he was afraid of all he didn't know...at first anyway. He got over it.


Good Luck with getting decent treatment.



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I can't tell if I have a slight injury or not, but I think I may have aggravated something on/in my left groin area. There's "good" discomfort while stretching on the right side, but it hurts on the left. :( So I guess I know my answer - if it hurts, don't do it, rest it, take care and give it time. Bummer.

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Just a little update.


I got in to see a regular doc today... Im so lucky! She apparently has a bit of pull and managed to get me an appointment with an orthopedic doc for April 23rd! Its SO much sooner than I hoped to get in!! And I got my hip Xray today! Yay! I guess its kind of funny to celebrate it, but Im very happy that so far I havent had to wait too long (by our standards). :innocent:

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