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Hey. So I've been dancing since I was 6 but only this past year did I really become serious about pursuing a career in ballet (I know kin of late!). I switched studios this year and found out that I really like ballet a lot and want to be more involved in it. This upcoming year I'm hoping to be taking a bunch more ballet and technique classes but I'm not sure that my current studio can help me with that. So I was just wandering if their were any really good ballet centers in Georgia, preferably central Georgia (I live about 30min north of Atlanta). Thanks in advance! :shrug: And sorry if this is in the wrong forum :blushing: I just didn't know where to put it!

~Lexie :P

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Green Jelly Bean thank you for trying to be so helpful but please remember to allow a Moderator to answer prior to a general member. I am sure Ms. Leigh will answer as soon as she is able. I am not familiar with the area around Atlanta. Ms Leigh may have some very helpful advice indeed. :shrug:

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Yes, I would suggest that you look at the Atlanta Ballet's Centre for Dance Education. Depending on where you are, there is also a school in Alpharetta, bordering Roswell, called The Dancers Studio. It is the home of the Atlanta Dance Theatre. (I also teach there. :shrug: )


If you are in Marietta, Atlanta Ballet has a satellite school out there, somewhere in Cobb Co. Not sure exactly where. But, when you reach the pre-pro division, you will need to go the downtown studio.

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Lexie, please stop changing the font and use the default. The one you are choosing is very small.

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There is also a studio in Alpharetta called Metropolitan Ballet Theater. My daughter has taken class there a few times. There is also another small school in Warner Robins, but that may be too far.


Best wishes!

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Knock, Knock, I attempted to send a PM to Lexie but her box is full. Two of my daughter's teachers attended the Ruth Mitchell school in Marietta GA. I believe they are a SERBA Honor company. Both of these teachers are fantastic dancers who have had professional careers.


I'm sorry I know I am not supposed to post on the youth board.

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trythis, it's okay, we are not on the YD forum here. It's the Career and Education Forum that we are on here :grinning: And, the reason you could not PM Lexie is because she still a New Member, and New Members do not have PM privileges.

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There is also Roswell Dance Theatre & a studio called Dan and Company where you can focus on ballet but also have the option to take other styles of dance.

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