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Ballet Schools in Nevada - Las Vegas


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Sooo - I'm going on a business trip to Las Vegas next week and would like to take a ballet class. Does anyone have any suggestions? I did some web surfing and didn't come up with much; the Nevada Ballet Theater school is on spring break.


I'd appreciate suggestions -- any open class will do...


Thanks!! :pinch:

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I once spent 17 (!) days in Vegas setting up & tearing down a trade show booth. I never did find a studio. considering the number of dancers in town, there must be someplace to take a class.

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Is there any good studio's to take a ballet class in Sin City? Maybe even a good modern or jazz class? I'll be there for 4 days and would love to check out the Vegas dance scene (the one that doesn't include feathers).

I'm surprised that a search showed no answer to this question.

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I am currently in the process of moving to Las Vegas. I am going to be leaving my dance studio and need some suggestions. Can anyone help me?!





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Jay, I'm going to move this to Cross Talk to get maximum exposure. I used to know teachers in the LV area, but they are all retired, moved away, or croaked.

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And I'm going to merge it with the 'Ballet Schools in Nevada - Las Vegas' thread we have going in the "Finding a Pre-Pro Ballet School" Forum. :)


There are a couple schools for you to investigate listed herein. If other know of more to suggest, please do so!

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I am currently in the process of moving to Las Vegas. I am going to be leaving my dance studio and need some suggestions. Can anyone help me?! RAD or Cecchetti. Military family Dancer on the move, again!!!!



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Hi mrsca98 :)


Try Kravenko Ballet. A fabulous school with RAD exams. They also have a youth dance theater (Kravenko Youth Ballet) that are of a very high standard.

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www.therockcenterfordance.com in the southeast - ballet program plus several styles of dance like jazz, contemporary, hip hop, etc. Excellent level of instruction.


Then there is www.kwakballet.com in the central west area. It is strictly ballet and a great school.



Nevada School of Dance, in the southwest, is also a ballet school. Several have gone on to pre-pro programs.


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