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I am very pleased about this new source. I teach a module on dance costume history and it is fantastic to have appropriate sources online - finally a reliable source and it's excellent for image research.




Royal Opera House Collections' Catalogue and Performance Database are now

online at www.rohcollections.org.uk. These resources, the result of many

years of dedicated work, are an important milestone in an ambitious, ongoing

project to open up ROH Collections to as wide and diverse an audience as





The website provides an overview of ROH Collections and brief introductions

to each collection in the archive. The Collections Catalogue contains

individual catalogue records, with images, for the Frank Sharman

Photographic Collection and a section of the Costume Collection. Over the

coming months, additional catalogue records will be made available online.




The Performance Database has three levels: work (creators and premieres),

production (director and design team), and performance (dancers, singers,

and music staff). Currently online are all the works performed by The Royal

Opera and The Royal Ballet (and their earlier names) since 1946, as well as

all new productions and first night casts of each production. Similar data

for The Birmingham Royal Ballet will be available in April, and nightly

performance records will be added on a regular basis. The database can be

searched by title, person, company, character, and date. Records are linked

to items in the Collections Catalogue, such as costumes worn in a certain

production, and therefore searches can be undertaken across both sets of





In addition, the website offers interactive 'Highlights from the

Collections', allowing users to focus in detail on certain items, through

magnifying images, brief textual explanations, and audio clips. The website

launched with three highlights: the costume for Turandot worn by Amy Shuard

and Birgit Nilsson, designed by Cecil Beaton in 1963; Constant Lambert’s

score for Frederick Ashton’s ballet Dante Sonata (1940); and an

architectural detail of the theatre, normally quite difficult to view.

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Wow, thank you for pointing it out, will definitely have a look!! :yes:


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Of course I rushed right off to go look at the site....it was down for maintenance. Should be back up today.


Thanks for posting this news for us!




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Yes, it's fabulous. Some of my students have my students have used it to search for image and their assignments turned out be of excellent standard. I hope that they will continue to develop the site :-)

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