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I'm going here for the Professional Program Summer School. I auditioned a couple weeks ago and I got a letter that I got accepted a few days ago. I'm going to have to stay in residence and I'm wondering what that will be like?


I'm nervous and thrilled! I'll be gone for a whole month!


Here is the website: http://www.quinteballetschool.com/


Has anyone ever been here or was anyone at the audition?


P.S I'm 12 going on 13


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Dancer__babe congratulations on your summer acceptance. It sounds grand. :( Please understand your photo has been removed for safety reasons. Your post also states that you are currently 12. It is in our membership rules that you must be 13 in order to be a member. We will be very happy to accept your membership when you turn 13 but until then you may not post. Sorry. :pinch:

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Thank you very much for your kind response

I'll talk to you again tomorrow on my 13th Birthday! :pinch:

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So is anyone going to be attending this audition or had anyone been to this school in the past?

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Looking forward to hearing from you tomorrow when you are thirteen. Sorry, the thread is being closed now. :pinch:

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dancer_babe, when you return tomorrow, please ask your question on the Quinte Ballet School thread, in the Summer Intensive forums. :yes:


Editing to add that I just saw that you found the Quinte thread, however, since you posted 45 minutes after being told that you could not post until tomorrow, I deleted it. Please ask again tomorrow.

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