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Rotation help!!!


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I know there are lots of topics about rotation, but i have a pretty specific question. I have about three months to significantly improve my rotation!!! GULP :ermm:. So basically I'm gunna start stretching every day like crazy... how long should I stretch per day? Which stretch's should i do? IS THIS PHYSICALLY POISSIBLE??? And no, I really can't ask my teacher about this because she was the one who told me my rotation was bad and i need to work on it, it really sounded like the rest was up to me... I always stretch for about thirty minutes before class about 3 times a week... so, if you have any advise, a fast response would be welcomed!

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Rachie, significant improvement in three months is probably not going to happen. If it does, it will come more from HOW you work than from stretching. Stretching is fine, but in ballet you need to learn how to really USE what rotation you have. This comes from classes, classes, major focus and comittment, and more classes. And of course you must be taught HOW to USE your rotation. It is not an automatic thing. That is your teachers' job.


In terms of stretching, there are several very important things. First, be sure that you know which stretches to do and how to do them correctly. Second, be sure you are warmed up! Doing them before class is not recommended, other than perhaps the gentle butterfly stretch. And third, you need to do them more than 3 days a week! A lot more. Do you only have class 3 days a week?

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No i have four, monday is and hour and a half of tech, hour of modern. tuesday is hour and a half of tech, half hour of pointe. thursday is 45 minutes of pilates, hour and a half of tech, hour of pointe. and friday is same as tuesday. I don't have time to stretch before mondays.

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Read above again, Rachie! Stretch AFTER class, not before. :ermm:

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