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Shin injuries


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Ive been told today that i need to rest because i defnitely have shin splints and maybe a stress fracture! But as we all know resting is not an optoin to dancers! I have a few shows coming up and cannot miss rehearsals! :yes: Advice plzzzzz

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Hello Lande, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :o


Very sorry to hear about the shin problems. :yes: It is very important to find out if there is a stress fracture or not. If there is, you really cannot keep dancing until it heals. If it is just shin splints, you may be able to continue, however you would be risking causing fractures if they are not already there. So, please see an Orthopedic doctor ASAP, and try to find one who has some experience with dancers. Good luck!

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I have a qustion about shins. On the lower part of the outside of my right shin kills. But only when I don't take Advil. It hurts a bit with Advil but I can live. My teacher has no concern. I told her about it during class and she told ME it didn't hurt and that I'll live. I know I'll live but it still hurts and I don't know why. It has points where it kills when I'm trying to rub it, but when I'm not touching it, it aches like crazy. (I shake it hurts so bad)

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Advil (ibuprofen) will mask the pain- for a while. How long? Until it stand a chance of more severely injuring yourself and not being able to dance for months. Pain sounds very suspicious for "shin splints" which can lead to stress fractures. Get yourself to an orthpedic doctor asap.

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