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Any advice? Vocational schools


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I am fourteen and in year 10. I live near birmingham.

I would love to go to a vocational school as I want a career in musical theatre. Does anyone know of any good schools that teach musical theatre.Also I wondered,, if I took a musical theatre course,would this just be basic dance or would I still get to study ballet, tap,modern etc at a high level?

Last question, what age is best to go?16 or wait till I'm 18? Thanks xx

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I tried to send this by PM, but it didn't work, sorry!!

Are you by any chance on Ballet.co.uk, where you asked the same question??

Just wondering, because the question seemed similar to one I read earlier, and you user name seems familiar!!

Sorry if it's not you!!


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LilBalletDancer, the poster is brand new on the board, so she does not have PM privileges yet.


amylou, I think things are different in this country in terms of education, so it is hard to answer your question. Here there are some high schools that specialize in the arts, and then there are college programs very specifically geared to musical theatre. In those programs they do study several forms of dance, as well as acting and voice. I'm just not sure about how this works in the UK.

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I replied to this question on ballet.co.uk- I said all the schools I knew with excellent programmes, including one that I have a friend at!! Check it out!! (I'm too lazy to write the post again, sorry!! :) )

I also mentioned checking Dancing Times for ads. for schools. I don't often look at the stage school ones, though, sorry- I'm a ballet dancer at heart :shrug: !!!!


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Another random question- is your mum on ballet.co.uk too.... sorry, my brain is making random connections today! It's just... a user on ballet.co.uk called loulou posted that her daughter got diagnosed with scoliosis, and I recommended that she look at this site in the ballet nutrition and health forum, and now I saw a post by you in that forum called scoliosis..... or am is by brain searching too hard for things??? lol.

Sorry to hear about scoliosis... I doubt it will affect your career as a dancer, if you have the determination not to let it. If you want to dance, you can dance. Simple really. (Sorry, quoting someone else there, but I think it's a very good way of thinking!! :shrug: )


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It would be lovely if it were that simple, LilBalletDancer, but unfortunately, that is not quite realistic. Scoliosis can be quite serious, but, it depends a great deal on the degree of the curve. Only a doctor can diagnose that, so, it's really not up to us to tell someone they can dance or not.

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Sorry... :shrug:

I was just trying to stop amylou1693 from getting worried or upset about it, trying to show that it may not be the end of everything... I geuss I phrased it wrong, sorry.... :)



I sure seem to be apologising a lot lately, huh? Sorry! :rolleyes: I think I'll go glue my mouth shut... or maybe my fingers so I can't type ?? (I'll leave the mouth open for now I'm kinda hungry! :D )

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