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More than 180 turnout

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Hi, I’m not sure if this is a right forum, but I have a question about my daughter’s turnout. She’s eight and in her third year of ballet lessons (pre-ballet III). Her school is based on Vaganova curriculum, with very good(but slightly intimidating :devil: ) teachers. The kids are encouraged to work on their turnout, and my daughter doesn’t seem to have any problems with that. I, on the other hand, worry…Is it normal, that sometimes in the first position her feet would actually point slightly backwards (it’s freaking me out)? She’s always had strong tendency to ‘out-toeing’ while walking, and her ‘frog’ and butterfly’ stretches are very good, but how do I know if that ‘larger then 180’ turnout actually comes from all the ‘right places’ (hips and knees), and not only from her feet? Should she be told by her teacher that going past these 180 degrees is not necessarily a good idea (or is it)?




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Over-turning the feet is dangerous and definitely should not be allowed by the teacher. Even if she is rotating from the hips, the feet should never go beyond 180º.

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Could I ask you to explain the dangers and also, in addition to corrections from teachers, are there specific exercises/images that may help with this? Thanks.

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The feet, when past that straight line, are turned out but the rotation is not coming from the hips, and therefore the knees will not be out as far as the feet. This causes rolling, and strain on the hip, knee and ankle joints. Correcting this is a matter of diligence on the teachers part, especially with one so young. There are no special exercises for not over turning out. Just don't DO IT! :devil:

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Besides the dangers it just sounds incomfortable and painful.

Should teachers expect or encourage 180 degree turn out that such a young age?

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I do not believe in forcing turnout at any age, but, encouraging and expecting are a bit different. You can only expect as much as a person is capable of doing, and that varies with every person. They have to learn how to USE their rotation, and then encouraging them to work harder and improve as much as they can is fine, once they are old enough to understand what they are doing and how to do it. I do not believe that eight year olds are quite there yet.

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