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I'm looking at Georgetown as one of possible schools to apply to next year, and was wondering if anyone knows anything about their dance company or the faculty involved in the dance department. I don't think there is a major or minor available at Georgetown, but I wanted to see if the dance company was worth going for. Thanks! :green:

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Does anybody know whether it is logistically possible to study ballet with the Washington School of Ballet while attending Georgetown? Based on looking at a map, it appears to be relatively close by but not necessarily easy to get to using public transportation.

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jbw, I just answered your question on the WSB thread. :)

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jbw - This is, in part, in response to your comment on the WSB thread. If your DD is considering Georgetown and looking for supplemental classes - though perhaps not pre-pro - keep in mind that there are a number of schools/studios in the area that have open classes. My DS has done classes at MYB that can sometimes be fairly challenging. MYB is accessible via metro. Arlington Center for Dance has also been cited by others on the board as having a good adult program. It's also accessible via the metro. (I think you have to take a bus from Georgetown to get to the metro. But after that either place should be a pretty quick commute.) So if she does want to seriously consider this particular university, she might be able to patch together a good program from the schools in the area, including WSB. Ms. Leigh mentioned that WSB has (or did have) morning classes. MYB has a variety, including 7 pm classes. Not sure about Arlington. Using different studios might provide the flexibility she needs for a full load of college classes which can vary significantly, even from day to day!

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I'm interested in applying to Georgetown and was hoping for more information about their dance program. Is it ballet based, are there technique/pointe classes offered daily? Any info about the school would be greatly appreciated.

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HI purpledancer,


Glad to see that you're doing some research about Universities! :)


You should also be checking out the University websites themselves - some of the places you are asking about (e.g. Georgetown) don't seem to have a dance major and when I do a brief search "ballet" doesn't stand out to me. Therefore best to check first with the University and make sure that they offer what it is you're looking for. Most likely you'll need to contact the University directly to find out about daily classes, pointe, and so forth.


You may or may not find members here who have direct experience with the programs you're looking into.


Enjoy the research - it's a very exciting part of the process!



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