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Am I dancing too much?


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I have been recently experiencing exhaustion more than I have before and around the middle of ballet classes I suddenly become weak and sluggish and unable to dance my best. I dance six out of seven days a week (not Sunday) and take twenty-two classes a week for a total of thirty-six hours a week. :blushing: Am I overworking myself? Or am I going through some sort of stage?


Nutmegdancer :innocent:

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Probably doing a little bit too much. That many hours per week is a great deal for someone still under 16 and in school. That averages 6 hours a day. If you are really dancing all those hours, I think it might be a bit much. However, if this tired and weak feeling continues, I would suggest seeing your physician very soon.

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Yes i dance from 2 pm to 8:15 pm everyday but i have asked other girls who are doing the same amount of hours and they seem to feel fine...am i just not as strong? is there something i can do on my own without a physician to make myself feel better? :blushing:


Nutmegdancer :innocent:

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Sounds to me like you have two choices...drop a few classes and see if it makes any difference, or see a physician now. It would also be a good idea to talk to your AD at the school, and let her/him and your teachers know that you are not feeling well.

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First, I want to say," I WISH I DANCED AS MUCH AS YOU!!!!!!" Now that that is out of my system, maybe, not to take the medical mods place here, but from my personal experience, when I used to dance and do P.E., I would get tired really easy when I didn't eat enough. So, have you thought that you aren't eating enough?

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Welcome to the board, Julliardprima. :P (BTW, the school is spelled "Juilliard")


Depending on how it's distributed, that's a fair-to-middling amount of study per week. You should be fine.


But now, as to board netiquette - we really prefer that you don't "text" your posts, and use proper capitalization and punctuation, even though that may seem like a dying art. It makes it easier for the teacher/moderators to decipher the post, and to make the most efficient reply to your questions.

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