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Anyone have any knowledge of the company, Ballet Theatre of Maryland? My dd got a call yesterday and was offered an apprenticeship.

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Thank you, Blanche :innocent:


I didn't recall that there was any conversation regarding this company :blushing:

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Is there any current information regarding the company? What about the apprenticeship program? Much appreciated! 

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Any specifics? Received offer (verbal) with specifics to be coming in next week or so. At this time the details are still quite sketchy, and I think I understand a 30-week contract, with limited medical and stipend only. Have heard from a former principal who had good things to say at that level, although it was a few years ago. Nothing from anyone at the apprentice level. Really trying to find out more to decide whether better to accept an apprenticeship at this stage or continue an extra year of training and try next year again. No help from current studio. Hoping to get mentoring/advice from summer training and will be switching studios/schools, if not accepting this apprenticeship or if no other opportunities (still auditioning). Appreciate your insights.

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Members, please remember we deal in first-hand experiences on BT4D.  Information that comes from ‘telephone’ type sources is often unreliable and there is no way to have a further discussion to discern what those opinions were actually based upon, so there is no way to evaluate whether the situation would or would not be an issue for the researcher.

We do relax those standards somewhat in the company audition circuit/contract stage because of the paucity of folks available to contribute first-hand information and because it behooves contracted dancers to play their cards a little closer to their vests often.  However, we still must insist that the information be factually based so that facts can be evaluated.  Opinions, feelings, etc., just get too far afield and come too close to mere :gossip:

A few posts, well-meaning though they may have been when offered, were removed.

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The apprentices at BTM are essentially the corps in terms of dancing, but not in terms of pay. BTM does a quite a bit of local touring as well as numerous lecture/demos at area schools. As you mention, there is a stipend for performances and limited other "perks." There tends to be some turnover in the Trainee/Apprentice ranks in any given year, but dancers who are promoted to soloist and/or principal tend to stay on through their retirement. The company touts an inclusive, body-positive atmosphere, and there are certainly a range of body types.

Depending on past school/college/training, apprentices often teach in the school to supplement their income. Because it is a small company, dancers are often expected to assist with other aspects of production such as set striking and wardrobe help. Some dancers enjoy or at least appreciate the experience with these tasks, but others just want to dance and not worry about the rest.

The current AD is retiring at the end of this year, which I'm sure they told you, and one of the current principal dancers is taking over. I doubt, however, that she will make any major changes to how the company operates, at least in the first year or two.

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I'd be happy to answer any questions. My daughter was a trainee for one season, then an apprentice for 2 seasons and 

was promoted to demi soloist for next season. 

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cobbcobb, Congratulations to you daughter!!!!  

My daughter was offered a trainee position and will be joining BTM in the fall. She is working on some questions for you, thank you for offering to help.

She is currently a 2nd year trainee with another company, but it has not been a good fit for her.  What is a typical dance like and are there performance opportunities?

 We are not familiar with the area and would love any guidance you could provide on the studio location. Is there a particular area where the dancers live? Within walking distance to the studio?  We will probably make a trip there soon to look around.

Thank you😊

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My daughter like yours was a trainee at another company prior to BTM and she has been very happy with the performance opportunities and the culture of the company. 

BTM does 4 ballets per year, three story ballet's (including Nutcracker) and one contemporary. The trainees perform in all of the company ballets and have a performance of their own as well. 

Many of the dancers live in Westwards, Bayshore Landing and Harbour Gates Apartments all three are within 2 miles of the studio. 

I will check back to see what other questions you may have. 

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cobbcobb, Sorry for the late reply!  

I really appreciate all your information.  

She has found a roommate (another dancer) and is excited to join BTM late summer.  

I am happy that she will only be 4 hours from home😊

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