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Hello, I'm new here!

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Hey guys,


I figure I would post an intro here. I posted a small intro note on the intro section but I think it's better and less intimidating here with the adult students :sweating:


I did some dancing as a teenager, but only became really focused with ballet when I was 21. Now I'm 28, and I would consider myself intermediate level (except for turns, which I sucked at for the longest time, until recently when I've started becoming more self aware about my posture).


I take classes at Ballet Austin, which has a wide array of adult ballet/jazz/hip hop/modern classes. They just started a Musical Theatre class which I've been taking and thoroughly enjoying myself in. Ballet class, while awesome, usually don't involve learning a full dance.. it's a great experience to actually learn a full dance and perform it. We have a show in May, and people in my musical theatre class range from 8 year olds to people older then me. It's quite awesome.


A week ago I went to New York City, and watched Wicked. And there, I saw dancers on stage, at a soldout Broadway show, who were overweight, short and old. And that really inspired me.. it made me realize that anyone can dance. And even if you don't make it to a broadway show, you can still enjoy the journey.


Anyways, after browsing through this board, I think I want in on the Richmond dance camp. I'll prob need a roommate, thinking of the August sessions. Hope y'all are doing good.



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Hi Ripresa:

We have already chatted about Richmond a bit but ,welcome. I didn't realize you were new. You will love this website so much you may need an ergonomic keyboard soon.

I have some background in musical theater. It can be really fun.

Did you see any tall overweight old dancers in Wicked too?

I am 47, female and over 6 foot tall. We don't discuss weight here but I am not small..yet. I am in training for Richmond and some things are looser than they used to be even though the scale is practically the same. I hear that is the way one wants it to happen so I am happy. I am saving my tighter leo's for Richmond and expect them to fit nicely by then. I have just had a dancewear buying fit so I will probably get through our adult mini intensive (4 classes a week instead of two at one school during the kids May recess) without doing laundry mid week and still not go into the tight ones.

I am going in August and already put in for a room-mate. I don't yet have my welcome packet so I don't know if I have one already or not.


Again Welcome


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Hello Laschwen,


I'm currently very excited about ballet and dance and musical theatre.. that's why I've been posting quite a bit here.


Yes, I saw Wicked, and a lot of the dancers were short and overweight. And I think, maybe it's because it's in the land of Oz, and there are munchkins there.


There was one dancer who's tall-ish, and she was overweight and older too.


Someone else saw the new Gypsy show, and apparently they had old dancing women with "kimono" arms.


I guess the point is.. you never know. You never know. You may not have the perfect dancer's body, but hey, maybe a particular show is not looking for the perfect dancer's body. Broadway shows especially is story-based. And stories have multiple characters. Not all of which is young, blonde and lithe.


Thanks for welcoming me :) I'm so glad to be surrounded by other adult ballet students. I'm pretty psyched for Richmond.

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Hello Ripresa and welcome to Ballet Talk! I'm glad that you are thinking about going to Richmond this summer. You'll see all kinds of dancers there, as well, and I think that you will feel quite welcome. I've been going for several years in a row but have taken the last two years off. I'm thinking about going again this summer. I hope it doesn't fill up too quick.


You and Laschwen might enjoyed a thread I just started about adults and ballet in wellness centers as opposed to ballet studios. We have few studios in my area and none of them have adult ballet classes. Look over and tell me what your opinion of the idea is, I'd like to hear it.

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