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Skipping Grades


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I'm moving studio and moving up a few grades in ballet. I'm doing Grade 4 (we've done all the Syllabus etc, just not the exam) at my current ballet studio, but only because of my teacher hating our class. Our class is rowdy, noisy and not really interested in dancing, they think of dance class as a social event and a time to catch up on the latest gossip rather than a time to work on their technique etc. I enjoy the dancing, but we always spend too long over everything because the people in my class don't listen and don't try (there are a few exceptions). We only do an exam every 2-3 years and usually most people in out class get a pass/pass plus/merit. No-one practices at home or really cares about dancing.


I went and auditioned for a new studio, and they let me try out for a Grade 5 Class. They said I coped well and would maybe even be willing to put me in a Grade 6 class.


I'm worried that this will mean I'm behind in technique and everything but I REALLY want to be challenged.


I'm just hoping to hear some poeple's opinions and experiences with skipping grades in ballet.


Thank you in advance :shrug:

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I doubt very much that you will miss anything in technique by changing schools. The most important thing for you to do, you've already decided to do. Get out of the chatter class.

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Thank you for your advice Mr. Johnston, I will definitely get out of the chatter class :)

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I do RAD ballet and I started at grade 5 ..... I think it's a good place to start, but it would be different if you were using a different exam board.



Grade 6 is so much more dancy and fun, but grade 5 really got the basics without too much emphasis on expression and the merging of exercises.

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Are you doing RAD or Cechetti? I really don't know anything about RAD, but from my experience with Cechetti (sp?) I don't think you'd fall behind.

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