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The Dance School of Scotland


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I am just hoping to get some people's opinions and experiences of training here, as I would like to attend it some day :unsure:


I'd like to know:

* If it is VERY difficult to get into (e.g do lots of people apply for it)?

* Are the teachers really good?

* Is it a friendly environment or just competitive?


Please just say ANYTHING you know about this school, I'm curious to find out EVERYTHING about it :wink:


Thanks in advance :)

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Or is it the School of the Scottish Ballet, which is in Knightswood Secondary?

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Yes, the US Ballet West is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Scottish one is in Argyll, in the village of Taynuilt. Bit of a climate jolt, if you expect one and end up at the other!

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Do you want to go into musical theatre? I believe their musical theatre department is quite strong and offers a good preparation for vocational training in this field.

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I like Scotland and I'v been to Argyll! It's a bit warmer on that coast! Not a bad mistake to make really. The Scots are wonderful people. My best friends Dad was a Scot, from Argyll, thats how I got to spend time there many, many moons ago. Is the Scottish Ballet West a large company?

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According to their website, the Dance School of Scotland, at Knightwood, is a state funded school where all Scottish students attend free of charge. It is a secondary school and it shares facilities with the Musical Theater course.


I googled them and they have a nice website. :dry: Seems like it would be rather competitive since it is the country's only residency school for dance and everyone is on full scholarship. They have a lengthy audition process, similar to Royal Ballet School. :shrug:


The faculty includes former Scottish Ballet and Hong Kong Ballet dancers. There was nothing listed about where the dance students have danced after graduation, although there was a lengthy list of alumni for the musical theater course.

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Yeah, I'm talking about the one at Knightswood Secondary School, in Glasgow :shrug: I guess it IS the only residence Dance School in Scotland, so it WOULD be difiicult to get into :dry: I REALLY want to go though :blink:

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It's such a relatively small population when compared to RBS or the ENB School, I don't believe we've ever had a member from there, but I could be wrong. Anybody?

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We had a couple of successful applicants (for our BA programme) from this school. As I stated before, the musical theatre pathway seems to be quite strong.


Dancing, contact the school and find out if you can attend an open day. This should give you an idea about level/competitiveness. Good luck

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Their website has information and dates for the Open Days. They are in the middle of their audition process right now, but I think they are held in November. You could probably visit at other times if you contact them to ask. :dry:

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Great, Thank You everyone :) I've not bumped into any other Scottish people here on DDN :( There are only 5 million people in Scotland, so I guess not many would be on DDN. I'll check the website for open days/masterclasses :)


Thank you :(:wub::)


Oh, I've just checked the website and I don't see anything about an open day, could anyone possibly tell me where they found the information ? Thank you :)

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Hello dancingismylife, I'm from Scotland, and live in Glasgow. Details of the open days can be found in the 'news' part of the website, and as balletbooster said they seem to be in the midst of auditions at the moment. There are contact details including email addresses though, why don't you just send them an email? Good luck!. :shrug:

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Thanks celticdancer :unsure: I'll look :shrug: Are you at Dance School of Scotland or do you dance elsewhere in Glasgow ?

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