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You're welcome! And no, I'm not at the dance school but have a few friends who went there and loved it. I trained in london many many years ago....Then danced abroad for a while and then ended up back in sunny Scotland. Hope you get to go where you want! :wink:

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Hi dancingismylife....my daughter is very keen to audition for the Dance School of Scotland when her time comes (she's not quite 10 so has a couple of years to go). What age are you? The main intake is at age 12 for S1 but they do take for other years. Like other ballet schools (RBS etc) no previous knowledge of dance is needed for S1 as they are looking for potential but for later years they want people who are at the same dance level as the other students in their year. The school follows a classical ballet curriculum although it introduces other dance styles from S3/S4. If you are in Central Scotland and near a train line/ decent bus line(or obviously within or near Glasgow)you would be able to be a day pupil, but they have boarding facilities for those further away.

As others have said they are in the middle of auditioning just now (application deadline was the 31st January). The Open Day information isn't out yet but is likely to be November for potential students to see the facilities before applying before the end of January 2009.

Good luck if you decide to go for it.

My daughter is hoping to go to one of Ballet West's weekly intensive schools in October this year...I really hope she doesn't end up in Utah!

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Yeah, I missed this year's auditions but am hoping to go to the auditions next year. I'm 14 so I would have to work hard to catch up on what I had missed if I do get in. I would have to board if I went there as I live in North-East Scotland :wub:


Good Luck to your daughter and I also hope she doesn't end up in Utah :) Right now I'm just concentrating on my training (to get to the same level as the Dance School of Scotland students) and my academics (boo :()


There are a few good Summer Schools in Scotland and I think they are all auditioning soon/now so if your daughter feels like it :shrug:


Good Luck to your daughter and good luck to you keeping up with the cost of dancing lessons (believe me I know , my parents complain MORE than enough :lol: )


BreatheBallet :wink:

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