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Hey, I'm not planning on quitting dancing anytime soon, but me and my mum were talking the other day about our shows every two years, and I realised (me being in Year 10/9th grade), that I only would be doing one more show, meaning that I would be technically quitting dancing in about April 2011, since I plan to study maths or science at university and become an astronomer :) . Even talking about it, with three years to go, almost made me cry, so I shudder to think what it'll be like when the time comes. Any ideas how to get over the uber-sadness of giving up something you've been doing since you were six years old?




ElphieBean :grinning:

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ElphieBean, first, you still have three more years of school, so thinking about it now is not really a terrific idea. Secondly, there is no reason one has to give up taking ballet classes, and maybe even performing in some way, just because you are not planning to do it professionally. Just check out our Adult Ballet Students forum! Many serious students continue to dance through college and well beyond, even though that is not their "career". :grinning:

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I agree with ms Leigh.... it IS a horrible thought, but you can't let it play on your mind... there are years left before you stop doing it as a child, and even after that time you can still dance!! I know someone who is fifty and still attends her weekly ballet and tap classes!! My friend said to me about two months ago "I was thinking, you know, about the future, and I can't be a dancer, and I don't think I want to be though I love it, so I realised one day, I'm going to have to stop, and I'm going to be really sad when I do..." I told her there was no reason she had to stop- she can keep dancing through Uni and through her career, and has done research on the subject to see if I was telling the truth about adult ballet classes (!!! She seemed to think these were too good to be true!), and now plans to keep on dancing forever because she loves it, though she won't do it professionally!! It's nice to know there's not an end, and you have to keep remembering that so you can keep on dancing with happiness!! At our age, it's silly to start thinking about the end of things, even though they can seem scary when they first enter your head!!!


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With three years, you don't really know what will happen. You might (yes, there is a chance) eve change your mind with where you go with your life, I know people who have. Three years is a longer time than you think. And as LBD (haha) said you don't have to stop dancing all together just because your stdying something else later on in life. = )

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I agree with Ashleydancer. You don't know what is going to happen in the future, but if you decide not to continue on after high school, you can possible sign up as a pre- k class. Or, you could start your own school of ballet if there isn't one around your neighborhood! Just a thought because that's what I would do! : )

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