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Expert on La Sylphide needed


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Hello all. I'm a high school senior and for my thesis paper I've chosen to discuss how the Romantic ballet La Sylphide deviates from or exemplifies the norms of the Romantic era. I've done quite a bit of research, but I am also required to interview an expert on the topic. You don't need to have literally studied it, just simply know enough about the time era and the ballet in order to answer these ten questions. If there is anyone who can answer these, or who knows someone who could, it would be GREATLY appreciated.


Thanks so much



1. During the Romantic period, ballet experienced many changes. What were the most important?


2. How did these new aspects of the Romantic ballet reflect the events that were occuring in society at the time?


3. Marie Taglioni is considered to be the first Romantic ballerina. What talents did she poses that separated her from previous dancers?


4. In her most popular ballet, La Sylphide, Taglioni plays a sylph. Why did many Romantic ballets have the lead ballerina dortraying a supernatural creature?


5. What are some of the main themes in the ballet?


6. There is an obvious distinction between the sylphs and the scots. What message do you think this was meant to send?


7. The sylph spends the first Act of the ballet attmepting to seduce the Scottsman into running away with her. Do you think this says something about society's view of women at the time?


8. Do you believe the sylph and scottsmans love is meant to be a warning, or a rebellion against the beliefs of society at the time?


9. Why do you think the sylph dies when the scottsman ties the scarf around her? Is this a warning?


10. As the first Romantic ballet, La Sylphide represents many ideals of the Romantic era as it was created to entertain the society of the time. What do you think is(are) the most important theme(s) of the ballet?

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Welcome to BalletTalk for Dancers! There is so much that you can learn here, but please understand we do not do research papers here. Please use the Internet as a tool, however this website is not here for research. :o


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