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I was hoping for recommendations for good ballet oriented schools North of Houston. I am in the Woodlands area, which is north about 1 hour of Houston proper. There are so so many competition schools here, it hard to find the true ballet schools. RAD lists a few, but even those seem to be limited and include competition. Are there any gems of a school close by?

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International Ballet of Houston! Great very small school in Houston area ... several dancers attend from the Woodlands area. For the serious ballet student - this school is focused on preparing dancers for a professional career. Affordable tuition arrangement that includes 1 private lesson per week. Director: Richard d'Alton Here is the web address: http://internationalbh.page.tl Two students just accepted to Varna. PM me. I'll be glad to tell you more!

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I'm going to have to completely agree with nmp1014. The d'Altons (I believe his mother Jill still teaches there also) are wonderful. Their students have gotten apprenticeship contracts, guest appearances, yagp nyc (many times) and 2 just got back from the Nureyev competition in Budapest. If I lived in Houston, I would train with them.

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If you are going to drive to Houston, why not train with the Houston Ballet? Do you know of any a little further north? I can't PM yet, sorry!


I looked at the website and it does look wonderful. Much better than any of the other locations I have seen.


Any more ideas?

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Houston Ballet is of course a wonderful school. But IBH is more smaller (and from my experience) hands on. So more individual attention...which is always good :grinning: I'm sorry, I don't know any other good schools north of Houston.

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The hands on at IBH is invaluable. My dd had offers at several of the big schools but chose to stay with the d'Alton's because of the one on one. They limit the size of their program. Both also teach at a school outside of Houston as part of their faculty. Email them and they can tell you where it is. I believe it is north of Houston.

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I emailed him and he said that he (on Mondays) and his mother (on tuesdays) teach at the Spring location of Progressions Performing Arts. It is just that it is a competition school with great teachers. I was trying to get away from the competition enviroment. I will have to do some visiting to see if my daughter would even be old enough to take the clases from the D'Alton's. I do love what I see so far with the Houston location.

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I did not see any info on a SI. I will have to ask. My dd is doing a SI with the Houston Ballet this year. But it is a thought for next!

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Angela Jackson, American Academy of Dance, has a good program which is North of Houston. I do not have any affliation with the studio as we live South of Houston, ie. Clear Lake area. There have been several dancers who have moved from the Woodlands to our area who have danced at her studio as well as several of our students have gone up to dance with her. On the west side of Houston is Margot Marshall's of course but it's a drive.


Hope this helps.

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Hi balletnast ... No SI at International Ballet of Houston, but my DD seems to feel that the entire program year long is as intense as an SI. That is why she chose to stay at this very small studio for year round study. You can drop in and take a class and see what you think. Their program continues at the same intensity throughout the summer, so you could certainly supplement your summer study with a few weeks at IBH. Email the director .... he'll be glad to chat with you and come up with something for you! The web address link is above in another post!

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I have to agree about IBH. My dd took a few privates from Jill and that's all but it was when they first arrived in Houston. What I saw was incredible caring about their dancers and VERY SMALL group instruction. What they lack in "name brand" and the prestige of HBA they make up for in their small-group and very hands-on approach to each dancer. I was VERY IMPRESSED. My daughter was too young at the time for their program but I am still considering it. They're pretty intense. I wouldn't say they're particularly affordable compared to HBA but you probably definitely get what you pay for as far as the personal attention, etc.

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Payne Academy of Ballet is located in The Woodlands.



That one I have heard of!! Tell me what you know about it, please. I live in the Woodlands!

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