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Music: Finding music of Phantom of the Opera

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I'm choreographing a piece for a Spring Ballet Concert and I want to use music from Phantom of the Opera, but I don't want any voices in the music. Anyone know of any recordings with just the orchestra???

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Looking to see what I can find for you, but in the meanwhile, it's possible to download a program that will remove the vocal track. Check out Acoustica- it's a great program but I've never used it to remove the vocal track. But it's legit and you could at least start there.


With Acoustica Mixcraft, you would need to have the music on your PC (obviously) and then import it to Mixcraft. Once it's there, you can click on the FX button, go to the dropdown box at the top and select Vocal Presence Cut. It might do what you want!


I think the new program costs around $60, but you will get discounts on the upgrades, plus they used to offer Free 30 Day Trials of their full version, so you may try it to see if it works. They are very responsive when you contact them, and they have great tutorials.

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There are certainly recorded orchestral suites of music from Phantom of the Opera. One that I heard about recently is called Phantasia. It is available on Amazon. There are probably plenty of others, though.

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My husband found selected songs from Phantom with the vocal track removed. I will see if I can find the site the used or will ask him when he gets in. He bought it on line which gave him access to a digital version that he loaded into itunes. He was only looking for one song, I am not sure if there was a set of it or a full track.

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