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Colleges with best programs for Classical ballet?


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Once you read the thread link in mirabray's helpful post, you will see why there is no 'short-cut list'.


The list of 'best programs for classical ballet' is dependent upon different criteria for different folks. In the end, by the time everyone adds their 'best programs' to the list, we'd end up with a list just like that in the College/University Forum we already have (as linked by mirabray).


Wait, . . . that's actually HOW we ended up with all those college/university threads! :clapping:

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I did my time on the Colleges thread last year. It will be slow going, but there is loads of info there. There are "name" programs and not so well known programs. The only important thing to consider is what works best for your dk. If unhappy, it can be really unpleasant. Ask how the dance classes are graded. Dancing for grades is usually a new experience for most dk's and not all of them do well with it. Make a list and get all of your questions answered. Good luck.

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Wow, that was incredibly helpful. I've been trolling the site for quite a while now and have not stumbled on the fab-six discussion yet. I'll continue to research them on my own, but it's WONDERFUL to have a starting point!!!! Thank you, thank you!

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If you click on that first link in Mirabray's post at the top of this page, I think it should take you right to that discussion of the "Fab Six." :clapping:

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We are currently searching for classical ballet programs for my soon to be high school senior.  Since this is an older thread, I'd love to hear how everyone made out, the choices that they made and whether or not they would choose the same or a different path!   Any and all insight is welcome!!!  Thanks so much!  ~Sharon

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Shar, although that is a lovely thought, it would take the thread way :off-topic: to list everyone’s uktimate decisions and hindsight.  We do, however, have a number of threads that do just that. 🙂. If there are particular posters you were interested in, a Search might reveal their announcement posts or discussions in threads regarding a “look-back”. 

I know this is not a very satisfying response, but I think it is the best we can do to keep this thread on track. 

Visits to the university/college dedicated threads may give you information as to how the dancers felt about their time at the various schools. 

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