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Drdebr61 - I do not have a boy, but my DD went all the way through the PP program at BAE and I can attest to the wonderful training there for boys and girls alike. They have sent boys (and girls!) on to professional companies both in the U.S. and abroad. You can check out the alumni listing on the BAE website for some of that information. If you do not find anyone on this site, I bet the folks at BAE would be willing to put you in touch with a parent or two of some of their male graduates.

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Thank you NYCMOM. MY DD just finished at SI at SAB and was disappointed not to be invited to stay. He and my husbnad took a quick trip to BAE on a Sat to check it out. MY DD felt the studios were small and had poles in them. What do you tihnk of the physical space??



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The physical space is not ideal for the reasons you mention. However, from what I can observe it has not been a significant obstacle to the dancers' training, and the upper level dancers almost always have class and rehearse in the back studio which seems to have more space than the others. To me, the slight negative aspect of the studio size is outweighed by what is happening in those studios in terms of solid training by a top-notch and caring faculty, and wonderful performance opportunties. But again, I would urge you to ask the BAE staff to put you in touch with some other boy dancer alums (and/or their parents) who can speak directly to the questions you raise as they apply to boys at your son's stage of development. Good luck with your decision making process!

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I am only a casual observer here. . .But Darla Hoover was Marcia Dale Weary's protege. CPYB (Marcia's school) is probably one of the premier places in the country. They have trained a ton of Balanchine dancers. Plus BAE has Olga Dvorovenko, Irina Dvorovenko and Max,. They just added Wheelen (Sp?).

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reference to minor's training
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I see Momof3darlings' edit to the prior post mentioning specific minors and so will not be specific, but I will add that other current and former principal dancers of ABT also have children (both boys and girls) who are either currently training or recently completed their training at BAE. It is quite a vote of confidence.

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Thank you NYCMom. Yes, we do have a do not discuss policy about minors here.

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Any recent reviews of the pre-professional program? Would love to get some feedback.

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My DD trained at BAE from age 5, graduated 2 years ago, went on to a large company trainee program, and is now with a mid-sized company. BAE offers top notch training in an environment that is generally warm and supportive. The teaching is first rate, the classes are a manageable size, and the students tend to be very close as a group and develop long-lasting friendships. The parent community as a whole is very friendly, with an active fund-raising committee that organizes events during the year. The students perform quite a bit, with a smaller show at the Alvin Ailey Theatre in February and a year-end performance at a larger theatre in May. For each show there are 4 performances, allowing for double casting in most pieces, especially for the upper levels. The upper level students have amazing opportunities to work with well-known outside choreographers and perform a mix of classical, Balanchine, and contemporary repertoire. Check the website for photos and video excerpts of the performances over the years, as well as the list of alumni dancing professionally in companies both in the US and in Europe. All in all it's a very special place.

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How many performance opportunities do younger students (say, level 2) get in a year at BAE? My DD left her dance school to attend a ballet school, where she barely performs now & also doesn't get tap and modern. I am considering BAE as an alternative (not just for the sake of performing; their schedule has more variety and is more flexible).

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Hi again, can someone also provide insight on how academics are fulfilled at BAE? Are most students homeschooled or do they attend performing arts schools? Do they automatically get into performing arts schools due to their BAE affiliation, or must they audition? 

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Most BAE students go to regular school.  Some, as they progress to the higher levels and if they are serious about ballet, go to Professional Children's School or take online high school classes.  A few are home-schooled.  My DD, who graduated from BAE, stayed in regular high school for freshman year and then transferred to PCS.  They do not automatically get into performing arts schools due to their BAE affiliation.  

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DanceMumNYC - I initially missed your first post.  Level 2 students perform in the final Spring Performance but not in the Winter Showcase, which is for levels 4 and up.  I also see that you mentioned something about tap and modern.  Keep in mind that BAE is completely ballet-focused.  They may still have 1-2 modern classes per week in the schedule for the more advanced students, but it definitely is not the focus of the school.  Fabulous ballet training though.

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