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Thanks NYCMOM.

You mentioned PCS, online classes, and home schooling. Is it possible to be enrolled in a traditional school and simultaneously take some online classes, or are the online classes only an option for home schooling?

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I'm not sure about lower levels but the advanced levels 7-10, are probably split around 40% online school and 60% regular school - their hours make regular school possible , it just depends on your commuting situation . BAE is indeed a special place , the training is amazing and it is a very close knit atmosphere .

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Thanks, ballet1310. I agree that it is a great school & they have a nice schedule for older dancers. 

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CVan, there is a whole topic on BAE in the Pre-Professional Schools/Residency Programs  forum.  


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We are looking for the year round program for next year for our DD who's Junior to be.  I would like to know about 92Y experience if anyone is staying.  I assume there's no counselor for BAE students?   Students have to take care of themselves including academics? Thanks in advance.

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I am really considering this program for next year. If anyone has experience with the audition process and has any details about the school please let me know! 

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anyaaaa my DD will be auditioning in May for the 2018-2019 school year.  You need to fill out the online application and submit photos; they are invite-only for the auditions.  I believe they have another audition in August.  Best of luck to you!

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According to their website they are accepted in some cases.

"Video Auditions: Video auditions are accepted in some cases. Please note that the faculty might still require an in-person audition."

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Our experience having my DS audition here was obnoxious, from the cold desk staff to the parents who were so snobby and rude, to the rejection email that we received was completely classless. Let me add the caveat that my DS has had his fair share of rejection letters from better schools so it's not something he is not used to. I'd say find a school where they treat people like they are human and deserving of respect. 

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I'm reading elsewhere that BAE students are required (or at least strongly encouraged) to go to CPYB for their Summer Intensive.  Anyone know if this is true?

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