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We saw a good number of kids from BAE during the summers that DD spent at CPYB. Darla strongly recommend it.

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My daughter graduated from BAE's pre-pro program, and yes, the younger students are strongly encouraged to attend CPYB.  As they get older, though, they typically attend company based SI's.  My daughter went to CPYB for 4 summers (either ages 11-14 or 12-15), and then moved on to other programs.

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CVan - She absolutely did.  I truly cannot say enough positive things about BAE, both in terms of the training and the nurturing atmosphere.  If you read back through this thread you'll see that I have posted several times in response to inquiries about the program.  If there are other questions that I might be able to answer, I'm happy to try, with the caveat that my daughter graduated four years ago, so my information may not be 100% current. 

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NYCMOM I'm so glad to hear your daughter had a great experience; it sounds like she is doing well!  My daughter is auditioning next week and is very excited about it.  From all of our research, and what we are hearing from former students and parents, it sounds like the perfect place for her.  Fingers crossed.

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Oh, CVan, I'm sorry to hear that BAE did not work out.  As you say, on the next.  I'm sure your daughter will find a studio that is the right fit for her.  Good luck!

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Thank you.  It was very disappointing, but she has already started working on a plan for more auditions.  Ah, to be young and resilient!

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CVan, sorry for the disappointing news for your daughter. In terms of the timing, the fortunate thing is that you may have the opportunity to see the spring performances of the other schools in which she may be interested. I found that seeing the school performances was very helpful in terms of actually seeing the results of the training. 

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My daughter wants the school as a backup  (if accepted ) if her summer intensive doesn’t ask her to stay as trainee has any one trained at the school at the age of eighteen for one year and had sucess getting straight into a company ? Thanks all input on school welcomed.

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What is the news regarding Darla Hoover? Is she going to be full-time at CPYB? She is still listed as the artistic Director at BAE

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