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It has been reported to the BAE community that Darla "will retain her full position as Artistic Director of the BAE Pre-Professional Division ongoing, and is 100% committed to continuing to lead BAE with the same level of excellence, passion and dedication."  I can imagine that it would be quite a challenge to handle both positions, but if anyone can do it, it would be Darla. 

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I agree. When I first heard the news, I thought it would be a major challenge to cover 2 schools, especially given that they’re in different states miles away. But Ms. Hoover is awesome! I can’t wait to see what she’ll continue to bring to the school. 

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We are doing a little research on BAE and I am hoping someone might be able to offer insight into the housing situation for BAE? I understand where students might stay (92Y) but I am curious to know if they have chaperones/counsellors to help the 13/14/15 year olds that might stay there?  Is it even possible for a younger teen-aged student to attend BAE due to the housing situation? Thank you! 

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I too am wondering about housing for BAE. Does anyone have experience with 92Y? Other ideas? I'm asking for my 15y/o son.

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Our DD (just turned 17) auditioned last Sept in person and loved BAE.  She was accepted but we could not get housing together and fulfill her home studio obligations in time.  She is currently taking the virtual August intensive, is hoping to be invited again for the year round program and hopes to stay at BAE for 2 years to refine technique.  I have talked to 92Y and due to COVID they currently are only offering single rooms (which we can not afford).  I am trying to find out if any BAE families are willing to be a host family (we are a host family here for our studio and love it). 

92Y sounds fun and amazing, but I really want to know what the supervision level is like? And in light of covid, what the shared kitchen area is like? 

We live in Indiana so it will be quite the change for her to be living in NYC especially if there is not adult supervision! 

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BAE has announced that its "hybrid" program for 2020/2021's upper level students is in the studio, but without teachers in the studio.  I wanted to make sure you saw that since you are considering such a big move. 

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BAE was able to offer another housing option - St. Mary's Residence which is much more affordable.

With the hybrid model (one week in studio, one week virtual, all faculty virtual) we are trying to weigh the options of her staying here with access to her home studio and classes and doing BAE virtually until they are in the studio more.  That being said, St. Mary's Residence does have a rehearsal space that could be used for virtual classes that is currently closed but they would allow for the 1-2 dancers there to take class if they disinfected/cleaned afterwards as part of their responsibility. 

I can't speak to the selectivity of the boys.  I do know girls that have not been accepted.



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I can speak to the selectivity of the boys. It seems to be very political and they are looking for specific things. I have a son who auditioned in the past, and didn't get in. He has been accepted to Ellison with scholarship, Houston, and Ballet West. BAE really doesn't seem to like Vagonava trained boys.

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Oreo, I am curious what you mean by "political" in the context of a ballet school? Do you mean that it matters who they know (rather than, say, how they actually perform in the audition)? Or something actually about politics (how would they even know someone's political opinions from an audition? do you feel like they are googling and looking into applicants or their families before accepting?) Or do you mean that acceptance doesn't seem to be based on ability/potential? Vaganova training doesn't seem political to me but I am just a parent not a dancer so its quite possible I don't understand why that would be 🙃. I do agree that it seems odd bordering on capricious that they would reject a student because prior training was different from what they provide. Surely that is often the case when accepting non-beginners into any training program! 

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BAE is definitely selective. Generally speaking, during the pre-teen/early teen years, things start to become somewhat competitive. We know dancers who got accepted & a good number who were rejected. At 12, she probably has a better chance of getting in than later on as a teenager. It seems to be a good transfer period, when kids are becoming more serious about ballet & finding the “right” pre-prof school for their needs. I believe it doesn’t hurt to try & what’s meant to be will work itself out. 

I think dance can become “political,” no matter the school/company, as with most things unfortunately. (By dance politics, I mean who you know, having “the look,” giving donations etc.). In my experience, I don’t know BAE to be extreme when it comes to any of that.

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