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I'm wondering if anyone is familiar with the dance programs at the Claremont Colleges -- and also, the dance possibilities that exist nearby?


My daughter is considering minoring (or double majoring) in dance, and while both Pomona and Scripps have dance departments and offer ballet classes (Victoria Koenig is listed as ballet faculty at Pomona), the majority of classes are clearly modern.


The Inland Pacific Ballet looks interesting (and it's very nearby), and might make a nice supplement to what's offered on campus. Does anyone have information on combining ballet and college in the area? or more specifics on the Inland Pacific Ballet?



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Victoria Koenig is also the AD of Inland Pacific Ballet, so she should be able to give you pointers on how to mix the college ballet experience along with supplemental classes at her school.

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Inland Pacific Ballet was mentioned as a possibility, when DD visited Pomona in April 2007, but she would need a car. Faculty members, who were very approachable, direct and honest, made it clear the emphasis was modern and offerings were limited, particularly for ballet. (Observation of the highest level ballet class confirmed that.)

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Does anyone know if ballet courses can be audited at Pomona? I'm planning on going to school at Pitzer or Scripps.

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The daughter of a beloved former poster here on BT4D and herself a frequent poster when she was younger attends Pitzer and I believe she is actively involved in the Claremont Colleges dance world. I've just emailed her family to see if she can spare a few moments to answer your questions.

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Does anyone know if ballet courses can be audited at Pomona? I'm planning on going to school at Pitzer or Scripps.


Aforementioned daughter/former poster here: ballet courses can be audited at Pomona, though Vicky often prefers that you don't audit the classes until she knows you pretty well. This is mostly just a safeguard against people not showing up to class on a regular basis, and if you have a good reason for wanting to audit (for example, you're taking too many credits and aren't able to add another credit, or can only take class on Tuesday/Friday or Thursday/Friday instead of Tuesday/Thursday or Tuesday/Thursday/Friday) you should be fine!


If you have any other questions about Pomona or Scripps dance, please feel free to let me know! I'm a dance major through Scripps, though I take the majority of my technique classes at Pomona (where the ballet is stronger), and I'm co-founder and co-president of the Claremont Colleges Ballet Company.

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Is the concentration on ballet? Do you feel that you've been prepared for company life? What/ have any opportunities been given to you? What do you plan on doing when you graduate? Also, are you double majoring or know anyone who is? If so, what was their experience?

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