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My muscley legs get in the way?

je danse dans ma tete

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I have a hard time holding a full height retire, closing my fifth (even though my physio says I have 85 degrees of rotation in each hip socket) and doing a couple of other things which I will not bore you with.


I feel that my bulky thighs and calves are getting in the way (they are big not from ballet but rather from years of sprinting, soccer, etc). I am not overweight, but I'm muscular. I think a lot nof it is genetic too, looking at my family.


I am hyperextended in the knees but have learned to control that pretty well. When I am in retire my thighs are squished against my calves, and since both are very muscular they push each other apart if that makes any sense. I think it might be limiting my extension too, because I can get my legs up super high when we do foot-in-hand stretches, but during developpes I am lucky to hit 90 degrees because my legs feel so heavy. I'm strong, but maybe I am not using my muscle to my greatest advantage, I don't know.


I'm pretty down about this and was just wondering if anyone else has a similar issue or has in the past?


Thanks, Lauranne

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No-one complains guys have big calves and thighs, well usually. You can us a foam roller to help lengthen your muscles. Your PT can show you exercises to do this.




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Our Teachers might have more technical advice, but if I recall correctly you haven't been dancing long? (forgive me if I've got this wrong!). It could just be that it takes some time (years?) to build both strength and flexibility. In my experience one or the other is always ahead.

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My thighs and calves were pretty bulky when I started ballet, but after about a year and a half of regular classes they've slimmed down considerably. I think it just takes time.

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