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RAD Intermediate exam done!


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I just came back from my RAD intermediate examination. The examiner was just lovely and I danced my heart out! No regrets whatsoever. I feel so relieved. For those of you who are trying the exam for the first time--believe me--it's not so bad! :shrug:


Eun Hee

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Congratulations! :shrug: Now we'll all wait with crossed fingers for your results. But it sounds like a very positive experience, whatever results you achieve. :cool2:

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Yes, I'm very glad it was a positive experience for you and will keep fingers crossed for a good mark. Still as I always tell my students it's the process of working towards the exam which advances and strengthens you. The mark you get on that particular day may not accurately reflect your ability. Exam conditions are far worse for nerves than performances in my opinion and a student often tries too hard and overdoes things, so that the technique goes to pot. I'm not saying it always happens, but it can, so whatever mark you get, I think the real achievement is getting yourself up to the level required to even take the exam. Good for you!

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