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Fordham, UC Irvine, TCU dance programs

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I have been accepted into these three dance programs and I have to make my decision by May 1, 2008. I am having trouble deciding between the three (Fordham/Ailey, UC Irvine, TCU modern department). Does anyone have any opinions or advice? I am more interested in modern dance rather than classical ballet.

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I suppose moderators will say we can't compare programs - however - and maybe this is stating the obvious, consider where you want to live and what companies you might want to audition for following college. If you are are drawn toward companies/opportunities on the west coast you may find that TCU or UC Irvine is more convenient. If you like the idea of living in NY after graduation then Fordham/Ailey will put you in proximity to modern companies there.

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Are there any specific reasons why you recommend Fordham and have you known anyone in the BFA program? Thank you!

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Yes, e'smom is right :cool2: ! We don't make direct comparisons here on BT. Please post specific questions about each school on the threads already provided. Gather your information and then make an informed decision based upon your own needs and goals. :shrug:

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