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Quad Stretch


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Mr. Johnson, you mentioned a quad stretch that you do in allonge fourth (I think) in previous threads, but I was kind of confused about how you do it just by reading. Could you explain it once more? Thanks a bunch!

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In a fourth position allongé, turn the back leg to neutral, and then return it to a turned-out position. That's one of them.

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Oh, OK. Thank you! :thumbsup: Besides the other stretch, where you pull your foot up bent in back of you (sorry, it's a little hard to explain :thumbsup: ) are there any more?

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Its mostly that I would like to lengthen my guad muscles and (if its even possible) the gluteus. ALso, are you supposed to feel a stretch in the hip flexors in the fourth allonge?

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Yes, the hip flexors should feel the stretch in the back leg especially when you turn it in. Sight unseen, I can't recommend any other stretches, because I can't see what your legs look like. And easy one for the glutes is just the plain old cambré forward done without turnout. Then just hang out down there for awhile. Let gravity do the work.

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