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pirouette problem help


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hi! everyone, I would like to know; if my dominant hand is right, what will be my dominant leg?, is it more easy to start with your left foot then spin to the right or start with your right foot , then spin to the left?


on wich foot do you spin while you do your pirouette? right or left foot? please help me!

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Hi, sergei, and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers. Dominance has no rules. Just look at baseball. There are plenty of players who bat right, but they throw left. You can be right-eyed, right-handed and left-footed, to name one combination.

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Just like Mr. Johnson said, there aren't any rules for that. I'm right handed, but I turn left better, and my left leg is more flexible and stronger. It's weird, and I can't explain why it is!

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To answer your seconde question: There are several types of pirouettes: En dedans and en dehors. When you do a pirouette en dedans and your supporting leg is the left one you turn left. En dehors you turn to the right (supporting leg left) and the other way around. I hope I could clarfy it! :P

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