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Tight big toe


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My physio has noted that by walking 'funny' to avoid pain caused by an ankle injury earlier this year, I've also managed to tighten the bottom of my foot a bit. Particularly, my big toe is not as flexible as usual in dorsiflection. We think that as I slowly get more into class again, I'll regain some flexibility through releves, tendus, etc... and I'm doing some gentle massage as well. He's suggested that I ask for some gentle stretches for dorsiflection from my ballet teachers, but as we're still out for Easter break, I thought I'd ask here as well. Any suggestions?

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Yep. Massage and 'Yoga-Toes'! :innocent:


This is a link to a product that you could purchase, or you can just use your fingers in the same manner:

Yoga Toes

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Yep! Looks similar!!!! You really can just use your fingers though. But probably not under your desk..... :innocent:

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Hee...... If I could do that *and* type, I'm sure I'd have crazy flexible metatarsals! :lol::innocent:

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