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I know this question has come up before but maybe this is more of a vent for me. How do those of you with children in residency schools afford the tuition? I know some families have more funds than others...


If you have a child in a residency program and you are of humble means, how are you paying for this training?


DD has been invited to attend a residency program and she has her heart set on going...Her home teacher wants her to go.....

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Our DD is in a two year residency program and is almost finished her first year. We borrowed money for her to go there this year and my parents were able to help with some of the tuition. It is definitely a struggle and next year the tuition is going up. We know we may not be able to send her there for her second year if she doesn't receive some money from the school and we have been honest with the school about this. Basically we take it day by day and save what we can and pray that things will work out. This year they did work out. It's hard to send your child away for high school. There isn't government money or loans like there are for college (we have a son in college and it is easier to find money for him). We have done a little research into scholarships and/or funds available for arts high schools but so far no luck. Does anyone else from BT know of funds that are available for Dk's to attend pre professional schools? :innocent:


I do suggest that you be honest with the residency program directors about what you can afford. We have found them to be sympathetic and helpful.

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Another option is to do private school education loans. We had some paperwork from DS' school once, but I've misplaced it and can't recall the name of the program. Basically you finance a year over a period of time, which provides affordable payments. (I just did a quick search and found one organization called Tuition Solution. The school you're interested in might have other ideas.) There are other programs that allow you to spread the payments out over a 10 month period, but when tuition is 30K and up, that's kind of hard to do. As for scholarships and grants - sorry, I can't help you there. I've done extensive research and have found little to nothing. I believe there are some threads out there that mention some ideas that people have used in the past. Harlequin Floor and Target come to mind. I've been told local civic groups may sponsor a student - some towns and cities have money allocated for arts grants - but we don't have access to that resource either. In summary - it's very hard and a lot of sacrifices end up being made. And even with scholarships, sometimes it's hard to meet the tuition paymenst and then all of the "other" costs that pop up once the student is away.

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It's the usual, I got a job, do stuff on ebay, scrimp and save on everything, and tell my DK that there is very little money for anything else.

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The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation offers large scholarships for "high-achieving youth with financial need". Several scholarship recipients have been featured on NPR's "From the Top" young musican radio program, so artists must have a chance. Students must presently be in 7th grade to apply, and the deadline is the beginning of May. Here is the website: www.jackkentcooke.org

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